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As your wedding photographer, it is my pleasure and privilege to capture your love story in a series of chapters, starting with your preparations until the formalities have been concluded. 

Getting to know you as a couple during our pre-meeting is a great ice breaker, where we can break down the make up of your wedding. Every wedding is unique in individuality and expectation, and through my knowledge and experience, I know what works and what doesn't. I will guide you through the order of the day, where together we will come up with your wedding day guide, the backbone of your wedding day schedule. Understanding this flow will put your mind at ease, and makes for a pleasant, relaxed wedding day experience. This doesn't mean that #stuffdoesntgotoplan, it happens at every wedding. But by having a plan in place, and by placing your faith and trust in me, it needn't be a worry - I will come up with an equal or better plan.