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 Captured moments evokes different emotions for different people and for that reason I love capturing, beautiful, memorable moments.

My interest in photography started in the US in the late 90’s while living in Chicago studying black and white photography. I developed an interest in disposable 35mm Kodak cameras before progressing to my first SLR.  Capturing individual moments evokes different emotions for different people and for that reason I love capturing beautiful, romantic moments.”

Sean is passionate about what he does, evident after only a few minutes spent talking about photography. He also teaches photography and mentors startups though his involvement with brands for whom he is an ambassador.

As your photographer Sean will supply you a priceless keepsake, made to last a lifetime. He sees himself not just as a person who takes pretty pictures but an artist and a story teller.  

“It’s not just about the images I take but rather my ability to capture the entire experience from the moment you first make contact to paging through your albums and re-living the moments of your story time and time again.”




Sean prides himself on the technical abilities he has gained over the past decade and loves to share his knowledge and experience to ensure you get the most out of your photographer on your wedding day.


Your wedding photos are uploaded to a file-share where they will be hosted online for you to download immediately. You will still receive a personalised USB.


We understand that ever wedding is unique. By working through the planning guide together, we can customise your package to suit your needs.


Great care is taken with your images - each image is checked for colour representation, and accurate skin tones. The selected images will be cropped, colour corrected, and blemishes removed.


Sean will explain the process of photographing your day and provide you with a detailed planning guide, a great source of information when it comes to planning your day.


Anyone who knows Sean will tell you how relaxed and enthusiastic he is. His passion for his work is displayed in his ability to crack jokes when the heat is on, and make a decision when a decision needs to be made.

A great photographer does not just take beautiful images but they are also a great source for information when it comes to planning your day.